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Welcome to GXG™ Elite, the exclusive membership program that supports student-athletes at Baylor University. As part of GXG™, a non-profit organization that partners with donors to provide a suite of options to student-athletes, GXG™ Elite acts as a marketplace for members to purchase exclusive merchandise and memorabilia. The proceeds from every purchase made through GXG™ Elite go back to support the GXG™ program and contribute to the success of student-athletes at Baylor University.

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The Greater Waco community and the Baylor Family are powerful. Supporting student-athletes not only empowers them to maximize their own potential but opens new doors for economic development across the entire community. We are constantly developing new ways for businesses and individuals to be involved. If you have ideas or questions, we’d love to speak with you.

Empowering Student-Athletes

In collaboration with incredible partners like Baylor, we created GXG™ to stand apart from similar organizations who participate in Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Our hope is that GXG™ will ultimately empower student-athletes to use their platform in the community in ways that not only benefit themselves but also uplift our city. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of how this new stream of opportunity can be leveraged for everyone involved.

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GXG™ works with partners and donors to offer a suite of options to student-athletes centered around Startup Waco’s core mission. These include connections with local business opportunities, entrepreneurial development, other avenues to broaden the NIL profile of student-athletes. GXG™ has also created an individualized incubator program developed to help student-athletes maximize their platforms and offer a comprehensive support system to conceptualize, create, and grow new businesses.